New pictures have recently been added to the winter portfolio from Douglas Wood Photography. While some are from previous years, many are the result of new work this past winter and are now available as fine art prints.

Wood on His Winter Work

Commenting on the portfolio additions, Douglas Wood noted: “The light is different in winter. There’s ice and snow and the trees have shed their leaves. The weather can be violent. It can also be serene and still. Some will tell you that it’s their least favorite season of the year here in Maine, but I think mother nature reveals so much beauty in winter. Scenes that are familiar during the rest of the year become transformed in the winter months, and they take on an entirely new look and feel. I’m happy to share these images and hope that everyone enjoys them.”

Douglas Wood’s work is represented by the Kingman Gallery in Deer Isle, Maine and the Casco Bay Artisans gallery in Portland, Maine. You can see more of his work at

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