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Maine Art Scene Magazine Cover 2014Maine Art Scene Magazine

Since 2008, Maine Art Scene online magazine has been promoting Maine artists and arts organizations in new and enterprising ways.

We offer a truly democratic voice to Maine artists and arts organizations throughout the state via our online platform. For a small fee individual artists and arts organizations can submit press releases on maineartscene.com as a way to present their work and promote their events to our large audience through our popular website and via our social networks.

Help us advance Maine art!

1. Visit www.maineartscene.com often

2. Keep in touch and become a Maine Art Scene Facebook Fan, Twitter, Linkedin, or Pinterest follower, etc.

3. Make sure you are listed in our Maine Art Directory

4. Post your press releases in our statewide magazine maineartscene.com for a small fee ($10, 15 or $20 or a press release package)

5. Get an interactive artist webpage or just $95/year (view samples / e-mail [email protected])

6. Advertise/support (e-mail [email protected])

7. Donate (home page, right column)

8. Check out our four last statewide juried permanent exhibits on maine-art-exhibits.com


Husband and wife team Brenda and Thierry Bonneville co-founded Maine Art Scene Magazine in 2008. Together, they are committed to promoting Maine Arts in new and enterprising ways. They have published over 5,000 press releases and organized multiple statewide juried virtual arts exhibits and created a large Maine arts & culture social network.