(Bar Mills, ME) Laugh your _____ (body part) off at “Villain: DeBlanks,” the fill-in-the-blanks whodunnit, at 7:30 pm on Saturday, September 19, at the Saco River Theatre, to co-benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine and SRT.

A Time Out NY Critics’ Pick written by Billy Mitchell, Villain: DeBlanks is an uproarious improvisational comedy where the cast says words you put in their mouths! The audience provides nouns, adjectives, and verbs (the wilder, the better), and the actors provide the laughs —uncensored and unrehearsed—as they enact the story of Philip DeBlanks’ untimely demise. It’s “Clue” meets adult “Mad Libs,” performed by some of the funniest people in Southern Maine. Like a ride to summer camp in the back of a station wagon, this one-night-only performance will be ridiculously one-of-a-kind.

Cast Info & How to Purchase Tickets

The SRT performance of Villain: DeBlanks stars Lowell Jeffers, Francesca Jellison, William McDonough III, Dana Packard, Jennifer Porter, and Molly Bryant Roberts. Tickets are $20 and may be purchased online or by calling 207-929-5412. All proceeds of the play co-benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Saco River Theatre.

Visit VillainDeBlanks.com for more information on the play.

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