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Lisa A. Bunch is an artist whose primary medium is fine-art photography. She has resided in Maine since 1982, and currently lives in a renovated farmhouse in the countryside. Lisa was formerly an adjunct faculty member at Unity College. She received her M.F.A. in Visual Art in 2009. Her work has been described as following in the traditions of Surrealism; its magic is produced in broad daylight, making manifest our dreams in the tradition shared by American image-makers and writers as diverse as Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison, Gregory Crewdson, David Lynch and Stephen King. She offers these images to the viewer as an opportunity to see quotidian moments as an occasion for assessment, possibility and wonder.


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beneath the garden
incubating essential language,
while old texts wreak havoc with our senses . . .

Collectively, these narratives both influence and limit our perceptions, for they position us as distinctly divided subjects within this process we call life.

Are we ready to become panoramic?


Following in line with traditional practices of Surrealism, these images reference dreamscapes brought to light in an attempt to “rupture the symbolic” through metaphor, myth making and symbolism. These images informed the “Panorama” series and could be seen as an addendum to that work.


“The land was ours before we were the land’s.”
–Robert Frost
The Gift Outright

Rebecca Solnit reminds us that our “sense of place” is like a sixth sense congruent to an “internal compass and map” which arises from the combination of memory and spatial perception. The first piece is an assemblage for “Corrugation Nation” that serves as an introduction of my sense of the packaging of the American Dream. These images represent the beginning of an extended project to explore that sense via the midcoast region and the western mountains of Maine. This exploration is taken in the spirit of Robert Stegner’s astute recognition that, “only in the act of submission is the sense of place realized and a sustainable relationship between people and earth established.”

Lisa A. Bunch
Midcoast Maine
[email protected]

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