(South Berwick, ME) Audio artist Katie Semro is breaking the podcast mold with her new audio art project, Mother Mine.

Mother Mine is an international project that will feature 75 people from 6 continents talking about their mothers/telling the stories of who they became because of their mothers. The stories will be released as a podcast, but this is no ordinary podcast format. There will be no interview, no narrator, no famous people, and no sensationalized stories. Instead there are people from all walks of life and across the globe, telling their stories in a personal, intimate way, infused with music and sound to enhance the heart of the story.

At this time when we are divided by the pandemic and by politics, Semro aims to share these stories in order to bring people together. She says, “What’s important to me is that we all have a story and they are all equally important. There’s a kind of magic to sharing our stories, and the moment when a listener thinks, I get that, I’m with you—those are the moments of connection that remind us how much we all have in common, and bring our similarities back into the light.”

A unique feature of Semro’s work is the way that she capture’s everyone’s stories. Anyone can participate, by self-recording answers to a short series of questions. Participants record on their smartphones, or by calling a dedicated phone line. Semro says, “The intimacy of my self-recording method lets people open up in a way that’s not often heard in podcasts or on the radio. It just takes away their self-consciousness and lets them go deeper than you typically hear in interviews or talk-format shows.”

The 75 Mother Mine stories will be released as individual podcast episodes starting on Mothers’ Day, May 9, 2021. The show will also feature several episodes in languages other than English with an English voice-over version.

To support the project, Semro has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which you can find here.

For further details, please contact Katie Semro at [email protected].

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