(Portland, ME) Chamber orchestra Palaver Strings partners with little house dance to present Noisefloor, a unique interdisciplinary performance featuring twelve musicians, eight dancers, and a new composition by Courtney Swain paired with choreography by Heather Stewart.

The performance seamlessly integrates the media of music and dance, involving dancers in the composition process and including musicians in little house’s movement language. Noisefloor plays with the subjectivity of human experience, including visual and auditory perception and the logic of dreams. Musicians and dancers will move throughout the stage and surrounding areas, expanding the audience’s audiovisual field. Noisefloor is an immersive physical, visual, and musical experience.

Performance Schedule & Ticket Information

December 6&7, 2023 at the State Theater in Portland, Maine
January 27, 2024 at the Rockport Opera House, in Rockport, Maine

Tickets are available for purchase here.

About Palaver Strings

Palaver Strings is a musician-led string ensemble and nonprofit organization based in Portland, ME, whose mission is to strengthen and inspire community through music. Palaver’s musicians share artistic and administrative leadership, guided by a passion for engaging new audiences, addressing social justice issues, and amplifying underrepresented voices through classical music. Each year, Palaver presents over 40 live performances featuring diverse musical programming, cross-genre projects, and community collaborations. Equally committed to education, Palaver offers music instruction to over 325 students per year through the Palaver Music Center in Portland, Maine. For more information, please visit palaverstrings.org.

About little house dance

little house dance is an artist-led contemporary dance company based in Portland, Maine on traditional Wabnaki land. Founded by Heather Stewart in 2020, little house dance’s current mission is to build an artistic platform based in practices of partnership, equity, good working conditions, ideation and collaboration, and mindfulness of craft. The vision for little house’s future was developed by Heather in partnership with dance artist Riley Watts. As dance is inherently a social art, the company’s work forges new community connections and partnerships in dance programming and production in regional and national spheres. little house dance seeks to build mindful working partnerships with venues, presenters, audiences, patrons, and production, particularly in Maine. The company’s aim is to create meaningful and deeply physical dance experiences with the surrounding people. For more information, please visit littlehousedance.com.

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