(Bar Harbor, ME) Singer/songwriter and folk musician Sophia Eliana offers a “stop and smell the flowers” moment with her captivating, energetic, and heart-warming fourth single, “Pears & Honey”. The new indie-folk song – written by Sophia Eliana and produced in collaboration with Maine musician, James Pike – captures the sensations of a tummy full of butterflies. Sophia Eliana’s honey-like vocals paired with James’ integration of slide-guitar, synth, and organ makes for a song as comforting as a home-cooked meal.

“Pears & Honey” was inspired by a conversation at Sophia Eliana’s home in Maine. “I overheard a housemate of mine remark that her favorite snack in the morning is honey on toast. This simple, yet nourishing sentiment sparked great inspiration for me. I wanted to find a way to express how I, too, find ways to savor sweetness throughout the day. In the company of tea and a diary over-brimming with ways I radically honor myself, the lyrics of ‘Pears & Honey’ came together like a satisfying puzzle. Pears & Honey is a tender daydream about a longing for intimacy with both myself and a future partner” – Sophia Eliana

About Sophia Eliana

Sophia Eliana (she/her) is a musician, small business owner, and dancer from Monterey, California currently based in Bar Harbor, Maine. She fosters the craft of storytelling through songs that resemble overgrown meadows blossoming with wildflowers and artwork reminiscent of a warm hug from a loved one. She began her undergraduate studies as a voice principal at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. Sophia Eliana currently explores a rigorous multi-media art practice at College of the Atlantic. When Sophia Eliana plays, she takes you on a heart wrenching journey of strength and softness as she strums her acoustic guitar and sings songs straight from the soul.

Listen to “Pears & Honey” now, available on any streaming platform.

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