(Image: "The Blue Building" by Lois Weingarten)

At the University of New England, September 20 through December 19, 2010

(Portland, ME) The exhibition will deal with landscapes close to home and far away, showing both the health of the planet and some of the challenges we face.

Featured will be works by: Aaron Stephan, Beverly Hallam, Melita Westerlund, Mark Emerson, Anthony Muench, Brigitte Keller, Christopher Becker, Leila Cherkanoui, Stephen Burt, Denise Froehlich, Lois Weingarten, Mimi Gregoire-Carpenter as well as photographs documenting the work by UNE Environmental Studies Faculty including Owen Grumbling, Pam Morgan, Bethany Woodworth, Rick Peterson, Michelle Steen-Adams and Noah Perlut.

For more information or to see additional images from the exhibit, please visit the University of New England Art Gallery website.

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